Honor the Family

In an age of where the family is disintegrating — with grave risk to the very survival of the nation — and now suffers attacks from those who have even claimed to redefine it or relegate it to second-class status after other institutions, we assert that the family is the essential unit of society – which can no more exist without the family than the body can without the cell – and therefore we believe that the single best way to serve the Common Good is by honoring the family. We insist that the family be exalted to its rightful place in the laws of our nation, and that every effort be made by our government to protect and strengthen it, as well as fight against anything that weakens or distorts this bond of man, woman, and children given to us by our Creator in our very design.

We first honor the family by universally guaranteeing for each member of the family – indeed, for every person without exception – no matter his or her age, health, or any other condition, the inalienable and inviolable right to life, without which all other rights are meaningless and any vestige of a just society is a lie.

Therefore we Defend Life

We next honor that blessed union which is the heart of the family and its producer, deferring to God’s wisdom in how He created us, instead of submitting to the noisy activism of a powerful few at the expense of the American people, who deserve the laws that govern them to be grounded in truth instead of the personal preferences of activists.

Therefore we Honor Marriage

We next fight to ensure that the bonds of love which sustain the family are no longer subject to the assaults, now rampant in society, which (often in the pursuit of profit) exploit the body, glorify hatred, and promote all manner of disorder, in the name of a false and harmful interpretation of the Freedom of Speech.

Therefore we Protect Moral Dignity

We next ensure that parents do not lose (and, in fact, regain) their rightful place as the primary educators and raisers of their children, and in so doing reject any mentality that places the state above them.

Therefore we Safeguard Parental Education Rights

Defend Life

In a culture attacked viciously by by forces promoting the relegation of the dignity of life itself to merely secondary consideration, after comfort, convenience, and personal preference, we have come to insist that no reason whatsoever can justify the killing of the innocent. We defer to the scientific consensus, common sense, and the dictates of logic, which prove beyond doubt that life begins at conception and ends only at the clear and unambiguous complete death of the body, and we likewise defer to the wisdom of our nation’s Constitution in the 14th Amendment that guarantees equal protection under the law, which must be applied to all human life without exception.

We achieve this task first by fighting abortion.

That most grave and widespread offense against life today. In the strongest terms possible, we repudiate the shrill voices that cry “choice,” and we insist that the choice to kill is one that must never be permitted by the laws of any nation that dares call itself just or civilized. As the prohibition of killing is among the first duties of any nation, we will never tire until each and every life, without exception, is legally protected, and abortion becomes nothing more than a sad and sorry chapter in our history books.

We next fight for the rights of humans in the embryonic stage of life...

... against the multitude of crimes committed against them in the name of science. We insist upon an immediate end to all research or practices in the medical field that involve the direct killing of a human embryo, or the creation of an embryonic human for him or her to only thereafter be indefinitely stored in a freezer.

We next strive to end the killing of those now deprived of their right to life due to their age, infirmity, or otherwise “imperfect” state.

While we do not insist that extraordinary care always be given to extend the life of a patient, we unhesitatingly affirm that every person without exception must be given ordinary care (such as food, water, comfort, basic medication, and the like), and certainly must never be directly killed or have his or her death directly and intentionally hastened. We insist upon the outlawing of all euthanasia (even if it goes by another name, such as “comfort care,” but amounts to euthanasia in substance) and physician-assisted-suicide.

We next fight for a federal end to the death penalty.

In an age as advanced as our own, even the worst criminals may be safely kept in prison as long as need be so that they may no longer harm the innocent. While we do not believe that the life of a convicted murderer must be preserved at all costs, even at the expense of society’s well-being (and we therefore do not regard Capital Punishment as an evil on par with the atrocity of abortion), we do believe that the best pursuit of the common good demands doing all that we reasonably can to prevent death, which certainly calls for an end to the death penalty as it is now used in America.

We next fight for peace.

We repudiate recourse to preemptive war, and lament how often America has engaged in it unjustly, and undertaken heinous atrocities during it. We insist upon greater international cooperation to be secured before entering armed conflict, a gradual and international program of reasonable disarmament (with America leading by example), a public apology to the world for the most grave offences America has committed (especially the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and in general a far more serious commitment to peace. Despite this, we are not pacifists, and we recognize that recourse to arms is at times needed. We regret that America has showed a readiness to use arms in cases where the need has not been especially dire and urgent, but has failed to do so when such a course of action could have easily saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people (such as during the Rwandan Genocide). We therefore will fight to completely reorient the military philosophy under which our nation operates, insisting that justice, morality, the common good, and universal human solidarity are its guiding principles.

Honor Marriage

In a culture fueled far too often by fleeting emotions and pleasures at the expense of the fundamental truths of the human person, we have come to insist that there is no foundation for a just society except that which our Creator has written in our very being: on our hearts, and in our bodies. We assert – in unabashed opposition to the multitude of strange ideologies and “gender theories” that have very recently found popularity – that God has made us male and female, and that therefore the two sexes are complementary, and only in their proper relations can the flourishing of society be achieved.

We first fight to enshrine in our nation’s Constitution just what marriage is...

... so that its promotion does not prove in vain by having no grounding in truth, instead being grounded only in personal preference which always changes and in some cases today says that other unions – which cannot produce life and lack the basis in the very laws of nature that underlie the union of man and woman – also be called marriage and exalted to the same status as an equally valid basis for a family. In this regard, we seek to define – constitutionally, if possible – in no uncertain terms that marriage is and can only ever be the union of one man and one woman.

We next fight for the repeal of legislation that weakens marriage.

We oppose the now nation-wide epidemic of no-fault divorce legislation and divorce-encouraging prenuptial agreements, and insist upon laws that help couples seek reconciliation. We seek a federal end to no-fault divorce as not only an offense against the nature of marriage, but also as an offense against the law of the contract, which is entered bilaterally and can only be dissolved bilaterally.

We next work to foster strong marriages and strengthen existing marriages. We strive for a labor environment that is conducive to stable and healthy married life; tax, debt, housing, and job benefits geared towards fruitful marriage.

We next fight vigorously against the many attacks that marriage suffers in media and education as an integral part of our mission to protect moral dignity.

Protect Moral Dignity

In a culture saturated with public assaults on moral dignity (to the grave detriment of married love, stable families, the innocence of children, the purity of youth, and in truth the whole happiness of society at large), with few desiring such a sorry state of affairs, but all required to begrudgingly accept it under an entirely erroneous understanding of that very valid and necessary Freedom of Speech, we insist that this right protects ideas, not obscenity – as the Supreme Court has already ruled -, and that our nation’s citizens have a right to a public atmosphere free of images, audio, and video intentionally designed and promoted to incite lust, hatred, drug abuse, violent crime, and satanic influences. We commend the public outcry and federal legislation aimed at curbing mass media incitements to cigarette smoking, and insist that this approach be taken to all of the aforementioned influences and others like them, which are far more damaging than cigarettes.

We first fight to protect moral dignity from exploitation by the advertising and marketing industry...

... which often seeks profit by publicly exploiting the human body (especially exploiting women); using lust as a means to entice business according to that sad saying “sex sells,” and thereby also contributing to the continuing increase of the epidemic of sexual assault seen in modern society.

We next fight to protect moral dignity from these same industries who glorify hatred and vengeance...

... and thereby contribute to our increasingly violent culture (especially among youth) which now must endure shootings and other heinous crimes as unacceptably and unprecedentedly common occurrences.

We next fight to rid our society of pornography; from the internet, from store shelves, from television, and from establishments now dedicated to it.

We next insist that even on a personal level, behaviors that are detrimental to the moral dignity of others be banned from public settings...

... where those who have not explicitly consented to being exposed to such influences may be found. We again reject the false and harmful interpretation of Freedom of Speech that insists such regulation is a violation of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which in practice amounts to a scenario where only the rich can manage to live their lives in settings free from detriments to moral dignity by way of literal or de-facto (by great distance) “gated” communities.

Safeguard Parental Education Rights

In a society often at risk of being overcome by institutional solutions to problems that find their only true resolution ultimately in a wholesome and widespread family structure, we have come to insist that the right and duty of parents to educate their children is both essential and inalienable, and that no educational solution for society supposedly aimed at progress may ever dare interfere with this. We reject any solution that says “the village” should have more of a say than a mother and father in the raising of a child.

We achieve this task first by advocating for a definitive and nationwide end to the public school monopoly on education funding...

... which amounts to an extremely totalitarian approach to schooling. We insist that the contribution of private schools, especially faith-based schools, be recognized and rewarded with government funding equal to that received now by public schools so long as they provide a legitimate education to their students. This can be effectively achieved through a justly regulated voucher system. We also advocate for similar vouchers being made available to families that chose to homeschool, and that this right to homeschool be strongly protected.

We next fight to ensure that parents are always notified beforehand of any content that they may find objectionable...

... in their children’s curriculum (especially pertaining to education on sexuality, religion, or politics) , and that they be given the opportunity to withdraw their children from these classes or courses without any negative consequences for them or their children. We likewise insist that K-12 curriculum, especially pertaining to so-called “health” classes, be structured in such a way as to discourage promiscuity, intemperance, and other vices, instead of taking them for granted and advising students on how to engage in such behaviors “safely,” thereby merely becoming the cause of the students engaging in such behaviors in the first place and endorsing the students’ choices who are already engaged in these behaviors.